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Responsive website design to attract leads and convert them into visitors.

In the world of Chicago web design, we build responsive websites that cater to the objective of both your business and its visitors. With easy to use and easy to update features, your businesses website will be the ultimate decision maker for potential and recurring clients. We take pride in creating websites that are adaptable to any device size and are overall enjoyable for all visitors. 

Wordpress Platform

According to W3Techs web technology surveys, WordPress currently powers nearly 27% of all websites. It is the best platform when it comes to content management and being user-friendly. With 1.48 billion useful plugins and new features every day, we use WordPress to produce the perfect personalized platform for your brand.

WordPress transformed from just a blogging platform to now a fully functional content management system. We choose this platform for our clients for this very reason alone; it is important to us that you are able to quickly learn how to make edits to your own site. After all, it is your company’s website. With this free, manageable, and totally customizable source, the growth and visual aspects of your business are endless.


With effortless user ability on both desktop and mobile, our designs navigate visitors through the site while enjoying a beautiful clean layout. Each piece of content is built around your brand’s goals, keeping in mind the user experience while ultimately increasing your conversion rate. More than half of Americans’ today use their smartphone devices to view company websites. We make sure that the navigation via smartphone is made easy to keep a visitor on your site and off of competitors. This will also increase your SEO ranking as Google favors sites that offer a better user experience and are mobile friendly. 

App Integration

Having a website is critically important to the success of small business, but so are the apps and services they use to operate their business every day. From a yoga studio using MindBody, to a restaurant’s Point of Sale, Happy Holler Marketing specializes in integrating your company’s website with the tools necessary to run your business. Seamless, optimized, and ready to convert your website’s visitors into customers: that’s our goal.

Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting accounts are 100% designed for reliability and redundancy. We pride ourselves on maintaining and providing one of the fastest servers in Chicago with load times as low as half of a second! Our main servers are hosting within the Level 3 data center in Chicago, but we have instances of our site duplicated in eight servers throughout the US.  Our team is efficient in the front end and back end of web design including HTML, CSS, PHP and more. We understand that when a website is down costs money, so we ensure that every website on our servers is hosted in the cloud and sports a 99.9% monthly uptime guarantee.

Web hosting server locations

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