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The Maverick of Happy Holler Marketing

Who could’ve guessed waking up in a hospital would be the start of a successful Marketing Company?

The Ultimate Game of Icebreaker

Tanner Bradley, the co-founder of Happy Holler Marketing, sat me down for my first day here at work as I adjusted to my new surroundings. Naturally, I wanted to know how it started, how he got here, what’s his story, how in the hell did I get here? Buckle up. No seriously, put your damn seatbelts on.

Set Back Round 1

At age 18, Tanner woke up in a hospital bed in Knoxville, Tennessee after a life-threatening car accident. With no hope to ever walk again, he decided to use his eleven months of hospital and rehabilitation time as a way to pave his way into the business world. The $30 to his name, daily check-ups, & terrible hospital food only gave him the stamina to get something up and running. Cold call after cold call, he stumbled upon his hope. That $30 became a whopping $300 dollars when he got ahold of Brent Oxley, the owner of HostGator at the time. From there, he created his first (yeah I said FIRST) startup company, Spechosting.


The long nights that he had in the hospital made it easy for him to answer all technical questions that customers had while using his hosting site. But finally, within a year-long process, he was able to be released. He no longer wanted to claim The University of Tennessee Medical Center as his at home office. He then sold Spechosting & began laying the ground work for his first marketing company located in Knoxville, Tennessee: B&B.

Setback Round 2

Hit with terrible chest pain on a random day doing some work for B&B, Bradley headed to the hospital for some tests. His results: the removal from one of his test tubes nearly three years prior that was taken out after his accident seven years ago had created an air bubble that burst. They assured him it would subside and he was good to go.

It’s almost like the doctors couldn’t get enough of Bradley, as he got a call from the doctors three weeks later asking him to come in immediately. Bradley asked them what it was for, & all they gave him was the room number, letting him know they could not relay any information over the phone. Wanting answers immediately, he decided to do an online search for the room they told him to go to before heading out. His findings? The oncology department.

Survival Mode

B&B was now sold, & all of that hard-earned income was used towards his many medical treatments to combat the recent findings. It was time for him to live life how he wanted. After only two days of the company being sold, his boredom was taking over. Bradley picked himself up to head to the store and on his way, drove past a Toyota dealership. Mere hours after walking through the doors, Bradley emerged the newest car salesman on the team and started the following morning. He was quickly promoted to finance while spending his lunch breaks at medical treatments; still keeping his sickness a secret to his co-workers & employers.

The Start of Happy Holler: Nine Lives Later

A mess after crashing her car one too many times, Zaelyn Phillips, adventured into the Toyota dealership needing car assistance. Little did Tanner know his assistance would lead to her quitting her secretary job at a local law firm and becoming the now co-owner of Happy Holler Marketing. This fierce duo began taking on small clients together. Three months later and now working 14 hour days as the Finance Director for BMW, Tanner and Zaelyn decided Chicago was in their future. They discussed it on a Friday and were in the midst of a 10-hour drive that Sunday morning; Zaelyn’s bunny Lydia riding shotgun.

Since March 2017, the Maverick himself and owner of Happy Holler Marketing, Tanner Bradley, is making his Southern mark in the Windy City, standing strong, & happily in remission. Let’s drink to that.

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P.s here is one of our furry friends at Happy Holler! Mrs. Lydia the Bunny:


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