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6 How-To’s for Growing Your Small Business: Yoga Studio

Growing your small business can be exciting but ultimately lead to a headache. Let’s first give a round of applause to all small businesses, they not only work their asses off promoting their brand daily, but they keep their stamina up for much needed promoting in order to gain clients.

Yoga studios are a perfect example of a class-based small business that ultimately relies on the loyalty of their client. They give human beings the opportunity to channel relaxation, strength, and their underlying desire for peace. Yoga challenges the body through many positions and embraces the importance of taking time to breathe. However, when it comes to growing this small business, the largest hurdle can simply be bringing awareness to your individual studio. These 6 how-to’s for growing your yoga studio are sure to pave your way to success, one tree pose at a time.

6 How To’s for Growing Your Small Business

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1. Personalize the Visit

growing your small business

We all hesitate using a coupon code or a usual Groupon discount at any new establishment. Why? Because the sheer judgment companies put on us is always made obvious. Groupon’s used to be a great way to grow your small business.  Now, it has become a way for people to hop around different businesses for a cheap price; never showing their face again. Even with this assumption, you truly can separate yourself from any other yoga studio by having a positive notation attached to a customers discounted rate.

We all at one point, peak an interest in something and want to try it out. If you want your customer’s interest to turn into dedication, show them support that it is their first time trying and make them feel welcome. Personalize the visit, coupon code or not. That customer trying a class for the first time is the hardest stage when it comes to having them commit. But, if you make them feel welcome, they are sure to make your class a routine in their lives. 

2. Create a Community Based Vibe

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By now, I am sure some of you have customers that are loyal to your company. Maybe they take your 6 PM class every day after work or every Saturday morning. You’ve really gotten to know this person. This is when you can not only continue having them as customers but as leaders. Peak their interest by asking them if they’d be interested in becoming an Ambassador for your studio. This means that they will help you lead a class, engage with new and reoccurring clients, plus continue to take your classes to learn new techniques. You are now on your way to creating a community and showing clients that you are a trusted teacher, company and that they are valued.  

3. Invest in Your Clients Individually

yoga studio

When it comes to yoga, you run into the situation where some clients are true yogi’s and practice Namaste all day, every day. For others, yoga is a new passion they are wanting to pursue yet have no idea where to get started. THOSE clients, the ones who are giving you an opportunity to ignite their passion, those are the ones that you should invest in when teaching a class. Without singling them out, help them. Adjust them. If they have questions, answer them. If you create a trusting relationship with them, their view of something they thought was impossible to grasp will quickly change. 

4. Create a Welcoming Environment via Social Media

yoga studio

Social Media, specifically Instagram, and Facebook, is the fastest way for a new client to peak interest in your studio. We get it, there are millions of studios out there, how does one choose? This part is up to you. If you create an Instagram that is uptight, strict, and limiting—clients, especially new ones, will feel intimidated or turned off. But, if you create a feed that is uplifting, relaxed, & personal, it will be 10 times more appealing to new clients or reoccurring ones.

@corepoweryoga has an amazing social media presence and most definitely a company you should take notes from while growing your small business. They mix their feed up with routine videos, inspirational quotes, lifestyle shots, & videos/photos of their employee’s just having a damn good time. Even with their 114k followers, they still stay true to their authenticity. I don’t know about you, but their page makes me want to channel my inner Namaste followed by some cocktails with their team (after I shower from a bad ass workout).

5. Switch up Your Routine

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While its great to have a consistent schedule of classes for clients that want to make your yoga studio an every week priority, it CAN become stale. Sometimes, a routine is great because it keeps the clients that are consistently taking your classes happy but it doesn’t open up much room to entice for new sign-ups. Utilize the beautiful space you have and switch things up a bit! @yogaloftstudios here in Chicago does a wonderful job embracing this strategy and a perfect example when it comes to growing your small business.

For one of their classes, they brought in live acoustics to play while teaching a class followed by light refreshments and snacks. They made sure to write “no experience is necessary” on their Instagram post which immediately opens up a beginners mind and draws them in. Not only does that change the experience for your students, but it does for your employee’s as well! Keeping something fresh and exciting is key to a positive environment.  

6. Create Beneficial Promotions

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Buddy passes, buddy passes, buddy passes. I clearly can’t say it enough. Especially in the fitness world, it is important to newcomers to be able to experience a class with a friend by their side. Whether it makes them more comfortable, makes the experience more fun, or its purely for social reasons; offering this kind of promotion is key to keeping clients happy, gaining new ones, and growing your small business. My longing for the gym began when I got to tag along to a couple of sessions with a friend. From there, I was sold and in no time became a member.

For every new sign up, throw in a special deal! This can be that every month for 6 months they get two free buddy passes! Or, with those passes for the month, your client and their “buddy” receive a complimentary bottle of water at the start of class. There are so many opportunities for promotions that are inexpensive, manageable, and will only create positive buzz for your studio. 

A large client base or not, there is always the potential for growing your small business. With these 6 how-to’s, you can improve the way you promote your business but also improve your list of repeating clients. Don’t lose hope, keep pushing forward, and always be genuine. Namaste. 

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