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The Gift that Keeps on Sending

Happy Friday from the Holler, y’all! Oh, what a week. We are approaching the holidays faster than ever & we are needing some extra booze to prepare us for the awkward political talks that are sure to happen at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Make it a double. Hell, make it a triple. This week was off to a super exciting start as we did some incredible work with our current client, SEMY. I got to experience being the voice-over artist for the SEMY commercial, an actress, as well as continuing my role as the social media coordinator for Happy Holler. But first…

What is SEMY?

SEMY is an experience sharing platform allowing friends and family to connect with one another through both a present and a presence. We millennial’s love us some free apps to put on our phone, don’t we? SEMY is the new way to send the lucky people in your life a cocktail, spirit, or even cup of coffee for when you can’t be there. This is the gift that just keep’s on sending. To make it even more appealing to us millennial’s, SEMY allows you to personalize your gift by including a message, photo, video, or a personalized drawing for when your creative bug kicks in. You never have to feel bad for missing a friends birthday party again.

Want to hear more? Check out SEMY HERE!

About the SEMY Creators

We got to spend all of Tuesday this week filming a commercial for this amazing app.  Christian, one of the co-creator(s) dedicated three years to perfecting SEMY with his twin brother and best friend by his side. These three musketeers came up with the SEMY concept when they realized they wanted to make more of a presence in each others lives even if they were thousands of miles apart. After too much digital cash flowing back and forth for each other’s special occasions, they sparked the incredible creation of SEMY.

Becoming a Triple Threat

My first introduction to Happy Holler Marketing was through an audition for the SEMY app commercial. This instantly led to a part-time social media coordinator position. I swear, life is freaking funny. Having three roles in this shoot was such an amazing experience. I realized I THRIVE as a multitasker…or shall we refer to it as a Triple Threat? (yeesh, my Musical Theatre nerdy-ness is coming out) Our first location took place at the Irish Oak, a classic Irish bar in the heart of Wrigleyville, home of the cubbies. May I say, there is something very dangerous about having a bar to yourself at 2pm. 

For 2 hours, I got to “play” with my fellow co-actors as the character of Bree while sneaking in some photos of the day itself. It’s safe to say we had way too much fun. I really appreciated the professional atmosphere Zaelyn and Tanner created while juggling so many different roles.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

My next stop: the recording studio. The SEMY team and us guys at Happy Holler wrote a script for the voiceover portion of the video that would eventually narrate the footage. This will explain what the app does for both Vendors and Users. As the voiceover artist, it was an absolute pleasure to able to give input to the script while making it all come together in the studio. After a couple of trials, we had everything recorded and completed. As an artist, this is a major success in my creative process. I was able to give creative input…and if an artist is reading this, we don’t always have that luxury.

When you have a team that believes in trust, your journey to success has begun. If you enjoy working together, believe in the masterpiece you are creating…whatever that may be, with a little passion and never lacking respect for one another; the possibilities are truly endless.  Enjoy your weekend y’all and find some time to get creative…even if that means whipping up your favorite cocktail. Here are some more behind the scenes:


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