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5 Entrepreneurial Women: Kickin’ Ass in Today’s Society

Female entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm one set back at a time. There is something in the air this week, and I think all of us are feeling the negative vibes from the business world as of late. Whether it’s Hollywood, the Today Show, or Wall Street, women are taking back their power, making their voices heard, and inspiring all female entrepreneurs out there. I have to say, today, I am extremely proud to be a woman.

Working for a startup, and as a small business owner myself, I am constantly surrounded by inspiring female entrepreneurs who are fighting every day to make their presence known. I don’t know about you, but I believe with all of this media frenzy, something really amazing is going to come from it. Women are striking back at those who doubted them. I wanted to give a much-deserved shout to some female entrepreneurs that despite any setbacks they faced in the business world, kept their fire lit.

5 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

1. Safia Minney

safia minney

In 1991, Safia founded the fair train pioneer and online garment retailer, The People Tree. Safia captured the organic talent of fair trade producers, artisans, garment workers, & farmers around the world. She put them at the forefront of her brand that launched in 2001 in the UK. This ultimately led to People Tree to gain the Soil Association Certification, making it the first integrated Organic Supply Chain in the developing world.

Safia enforced that People Tree will guarantee environmental production practice as well as fair trade throughout the supply chain. Committing to protecting the environment, she focused on ultimately empowering the poor. Her drive to protect the world we live in as well as her passion for small businesses is what makes her a hero to all female entrepreneurs today.

2. Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer

witchsy founders

Where do I even start with these fierce yet hilarious women? These women are the founders of Witchsy, an e-commerce marketplace for unique, dark humor, and culturally aware pieces. Totally over the concept of Etsy, these women wanted to create something for the “outcast” type of artists. They created an empire that now has Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, as the main investor. These fierce women struggled, like many of us still do today, with men lacking belief in their business.

In this article from Fast Company, these ladies talk about what led them to create a fake male persona, Keith. These smart female entrepreneurs used Keith to get more appropriate responses from male contacts regarding their business. This paved the way to the proof that in some occasions, women are much less respected and almost looked down upon when it comes to creating an empire. While they eventually retired Keith, Penelope and Kate are living proof that we must keep fighting for our craft no matter our gender.

3. Sophia Amoruso 

Sophia Amoruso

We all know her, as she is shamed today for having to claim bankruptcy on her online store, Nasty Gal. But, let’s get over that because this woman is still the OG girl boss and none of us can imagine what it’s like to run an empire like hers. Amoruso is an inspiration because of her part in the Ban Bossy Movement. This movement demeans women who have sass, spunk, and are ambitious. She instantly became a hero to all female entrepreneurs out there, giving us all the confidence to fight and dream. Sophia proved that having a little sass attached to your hip is okay in today’s society. Although she has dropped from the Nasty Gal brand and focusing on her own, we wish her the very best. Most importantly, we thank her for the hope she has given all small business women.

4. Diane Von Furstenberg

diane von furstenberg

“I wanted to be an independent woman, a woman who could pay for her bills, a woman who could run her own life–and I became that woman.” Need she say more? This fortress of a designer created DVF at the age of 27 when she created the first iconic wrap dress. In 1974, these wrap dresses were a hit but once the desire faded, she sold most of her licensing to avoid bankruptcy. Never losing hope, she relaunched the DVF brand in 1997. As of late, her company now has over 200 million in annual sales.

“I’ve learned to rely on my instinct, impulse, and passion. This is what entrepreneurs do best. It’s what makes your company unique–the heart of your business, the engine. You also need a solid business plan and a great team–but the important thing is to not lose yourself.” She couldn’t be more of an inspiration to us all.

5. Ellen Degeneres

ellen degeneres

Now, when someone mentions her, Entrepreneur may not be the first title that comes to mind. Ellen is one of the most successful female LGBT entrepreneurs out there. Sadly, Ellen experienced a total setback when her sitcom was canceled after being honest about her sexuality. Ellen paved her way towards the light at the end of the tunnel with positivity and a kind heart. This is a fearless female entrepreneur. To this day, Ellen focuses on how she can make the life of others better. Through all the tribulations, she now has her own TV network as well as production company called a Very Good Production. As of 2017, The Ellen Degeneres show has won 59 Daytime Emmy Awards and continues to inspire all of us. We must remember to stay positive, work hard, and to always be kind to one another.

“The “cult of domesticity” that shaped American thought beginning in the early nineteenth century dictated that a woman’s proper place was the home.” Now, female entrepreneurs consider their home as their at home office for kicking ass. 😉 We’ve exchanged our petticoats and aprons for the hardline heels of a CEO. Boy, is it the perfect fit.

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