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Employee Appreciation: 5 Cost Free Ways to Show Some

This week has been all about reflecting on the topic of employee appreciation. Maybe it’s because of the “I’m thankful for” posts blasted all over social media, or because on Monday, I quit another part-time job that had been killing me for months. Either way, to say I am thankful today, is an understatement.

After leaving a toxic workplace that was much overdue, I sat down at my Happy Holler desk and started to reflect on how I am finally in a workplace with employers that genuinely appreciate me. I even woke up to an email from my other job, (yes, I  have two part-time jobs—hey it WAS 3!) with a beautifully written email from my boss to all of us employees with 10 reasons why he was thankful to have us on his team. For the risk of sounding corny AF, this made my heart sing.

The Stats:

Did you know that according to a recent survey taken at Addeco USA, 65% of employees would like to receive more “thanks” at their job? And to think I was the only one creating a mental list of all the times my old employer made me feel less than. Employee Appreciation is so overlooked that we forget how simple and effective it can be. Let’s change that.


5 Cost Free Ways to Show Employee Appreciation:

1. Sticky Notes

I know there would be nothing better than walking into the office at 9 am on Monday, dreading the week ahead, and then catching a glimpse of a positive message stuck to my desk. It instantly sets up your employee’s week with a positive mindset. Bye bye Monday blues, hello Monday motivation!

2. Check in With Your Employee

When you work 5 days a week in an office, it’s easy for your employee to run into issues that they want to discuss but hide in fear of judgement. Check in with them. A simple, “how are you feeling today” can set the your team up for an honest conversation and make steps towards improving their struggles in the workplace.

3. Allow their Input

After parting ways from a toxic workplace on Monday, I realized I had little to no input in that position. When employers are too controlling, their employees feel helpless when it comes to pitching ideas or changes. I had a wonderful experience last week here at Happy Holler Marketing when we were writing a script for the SEMY APP commercial (check out our latest blog post for those details!) I actually had a chance to provide input on the script and overall creative process. It was a blast and it instantly showed me that my voice does matter and the company trust is present.

4. Shoutout Via Social Media

Maybe your employee is new and you want the world to know. It’s possible they finally finished a huge project that they’ve been working on for months. They could killed a meeting and gained a new client for your company last week. Either way, give them a shoutout on your popular social media channels! As the social media coordinator for Happy Holler, it was really rewarding to be able to introduce myself (and give my own self a shout out if you will) via Happy Holler instagram. It showed me that they are proud to have me as part of the team.

5. Just Say it

It’s really that simple. We have so much access to different ways of communication these days. Sometimes simply saying “you’re doing a great job” can really make an employee feel they are on the right track. As hard working employees, it’s easy to get caught in the mind set of “Was that good enough?” “Do they like my work?” Don’t make your employees ASK for that reassurance every single time, GIVE IT TO THEM. They deserve it. 

company presentation

I truly believe in these methods. Think about it, at no cost, you are letting your employee know they are valuable. In the end, showing employee appreciation will only benefit yourself, your company, and your future with the ultimate dream team!

Cheers and have a great weekend!


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