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Vintage Wear in Chicago: The Ultimate Guide

We know good thrift stores when we see one. Stuck on what to gift the people closest to you for the holidays? We got it covered. Below we’ve listed our top favorite vintage stores in Chicago. Ranging from clothing, furniture, artifacts, and more, these storefront gems are sure to make your gift giving unique and one of a kind.

Top 4 Best Thrift Stores in Chicago


#1: Knee Deep Vintage (1219 W 18th St.)

Best Chicago Thrift Store

Located in the heart of Pilsen, this South Side prodigy has been repping men’s and women’s vintage wear since 2008. Once you step into this place, you are going to want one of everything. Their vintage coats are unreal and we can’t help but desire their silver and gold trinkets to add a little zest to our wardrobe. Better yet, it is one of the most affordable thrift stores in the Chicago area.

Chicago Vintage Wear

We love affordable. Dovetail has items that range from era to era so there is nothing you can’t find. Not looking for clothing? No problem. They have plenty of accessories and furniture for your wants and desires. Check out their current stock by heading to their Instagram HERE! 


#2: Beehive Chicago (2501 W. Chicago Ave.)

Beehive Chicago

This place is super cool especially due to their Holiday Instagram ready set up for all IG-ers out there. We love this female-owned vintage hive. Located in West Town, the Beehive has items from furniture all the way to clothing. (Not to mention a pair of vintage bell-bottom slacks I recently purchased!) Oh, and a workout machine from the old days…

Vintage exercise machine in Chicago

We could get lost in this vintage wear heaven. Giftable items are right at your feet as well as couches to relax on if you’re needing a second to recoup! They take thrift stores to another level and deserve all of the positive buzz it can get! Check it out in person or on Instagram by clicking HERE!

#3: Dovetail (1452 W. Chicago Ave.)

Dovetail Vintage Chicago

With a mix of local Chicago vendors, handmade goods, and vintage pieces—Dovetail is another West Town gem that we cannot get enough of. The beautiful owner, Julie Ghatan has an eye for all things vintage. How cool these vintage suitcases? But wait, there is more…

Vintage Suitcases in Chicago

When you walk in here, you’ll be greeted with tons of vintage household wears, vintage bags, handmade jewelry, and some damn good closet essentials. Dovetail is eclectic, hip, and is filled with timeless goods. Check out more of Julie’s finds, HERE! 

#4: Savvy Seconds and 1st’s (Savvy Seconds and 1sts)

Savvy Seconds and 1sts store front Chicago

This women’s boutique is filled with retro vintage pieces as well as some awesome modern day wear. They have one-of-a-kind pieces that are available for resale in the heart of Ravenswood. All items are gently used and have the perfect retro touch!

Vintage fur coat in Chicago

You can even set up an appointment with Savvy Seconds and 1sts to try and sell your very gently used pieces of clothing! We cannot get enough of the array of timeless pieces that make us want to play dress up from dusk to dawn! I mean, how rad is that fur coat?! Any women that love vintage and retro style, this is the place to be! Check out all their pieces HERE!

Alright thrift store lovers, we have made it easy on you and narrowed down some of our favorite vintage wear spots. Now, clear your schedule this weekend and get your Holiday shopping completed! We hope everyone has a happy and safe Holiday with the ones that mean the most! Cheers!


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  1. Robyn

    Thanks for the lovely write-up, Chloe! It was so nice to meet you, hope to see you again soon!

    December 22, 2017 at 5:45 pm | Reply
    1. Chloe Rodabaugh

      You are so welcome! We will totally be seeing you again! Cheers.

      January 19, 2018 at 4:43 pm | Reply

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