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5 Tips for Social Media Marketing via Oktopost

Social Media Marketing. It sounds easy, right? You create an Instagram account, mass follow accounts in your niche, comment on their feed, and boom, you all of a sudden have 10k followers and some absolute ego boosting engagement. You are now an official Instagram warrior. 

JUST KIDDING. Social Media Marketing is hard, free, but hard. So, we thought, how about we let you in on a blog called Oktopost that we follow to help keep up our social media stamina and faith strong. Oktopost has many amazing social media targeted posts that have given us the confidence to keep our social media game moving. They totally deserve our recognition. Below are their top 5 posts that we personally have bookmarked for social media marketing help.

1. Creating Genuine Engagement

“Now more than ever, the only way to win the heart and mind of your customer is to consistently deliver authentic and personalized experiences.”-Steve Lucas, CEO of Marketo. This article, “Social Media is About Creating Dialogues NOT Monologues” is one of my favorite articles from Oktopost. How many of us have gotten random emails in our inbox that are pushy, making you instantly want to delete them or report them as spam? WE HAVE! This post highlights the point of communicating with your target audience through questions, conversation, and overall engagement. When you create genuine dialogue, a conversation can start. Social media responding is key, and this article is the article to read if you are having trouble finding ways to do so! Click HERE for more about it! Now, onto the visual…


2. Visual Marketing Tips

If your main outlet for social media marketing is Instagram, this article, “7 Best Practices for Visual Marketing on Social Media” is the perfect read for you. We all have heard that creating visually appealing content is important, but this article explains that it is just as important to incorporate genuine aspects like humor, the involvement of your audience, and more! At Happy Holler Marketing, incorporating wit & humor is a staple through all of our Social Media platforms and have noticed a huge engagement boost when we do so! Check out the full insightful post, HERE!


3. Knowing the Influence your Posts are ACTUALLY making

We all wonder if people are even seeing our posts let alone enjoying them. This article from Oktopost lists the top 3 metrics for B2B marketers to track on social media. As a blogger, this article has truthfully been one of the only articles lately that has helped me effectively analyze my social media data. With outlets like google analytics, you are on your way to fully understanding how you can check accurate metrics instead of “hoping your posts are seen”. Do yourself a favor and check out this post!


4. Successful Lead Generation

In this article, Oktopost uses a specific company as an example of how they were struggling with generating leads and posting consistent content. This article is a big help to us because Oktopost includes all of their social media marketing organization templates! They even include a link to their very own publishing app so that you can maximize your organization when putting your posts together.  This step by step guide on how to optimize your content for the ultimate lead generation is pure gold.

5. How to Transfer your Branding to Social Media

By now, your company has a specific branding method. Whether its a precise logo, three specific colors, or even a phrase, transferring that over to social media can be very difficult. This article by Oktopost brings your brand and company full circle. It provides extremely useful tips on how to stick to your branding, find the meaning, and how to translate it across all social media platforms. Click HERE to read it!

There you have it. Oktopost is your absolute guide to all things social media marketing. With all of these resources, you never have to panic about jumpstarting your social media channels again. Be patient in your research and never stray away from what is true to your company. Thank you Oktopost! 


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